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Install & Run

First clone the repository and cd to the clone. Use the follwing command to install dependence and run in your local enviroment.


$ npm install
$ npm run dev
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Inspiration 💡

A Organization like educational institution face a major Identity and Access Management ( IAM ) crisis.

Let me explain it through the two situations.

Situation 1

During the semester exam or an entrance exam, an examinee counterfeits the ID card 🎴 which is provided by the exam organizer (College 📑). With the fake ID 🎴 and legitimate hall ticket 📃, The examinee writes the exam for another person.

Situation 2

Many sites 🌐 are providing student offers which are either provided for them at free of cost 💯 or at a discounted price 🎉. These offers are used by millions of students 🧑‍🎓 and get benefits for improving their skills or expressing their skills. Also, millions of non-student 🧑‍💻 are abusing these resources for their professional growth.

What it does 🎰

SharpId is a platform where students are registered in the blockchain and we give an Id to the student. By which they can prove that they belong to the student community and they are from a particular institution. Also, the student can use that Id to get benefits from the organization.

How we built it 🖥️

We have created a dApp using Vue,TailWindCSS,XDC.

  • Vue
    We used Vue as an HTML framework because of the fast load time and best response time for the users. It is also easy to use and easy to learn. It is more reliable and secure than other frameworks.

  • TailWindCSS
    We used TailWindCSS as a CSS framework because it removes the unused CSS and minifies the CSS in the production run. So, it reduces the size of the website.

  • XDC
    We used the XDC network for the transaction and storing the data in the blockchain. It is a fast and secure network. We used the XDC network because of the low transaction fees and fast transaction time.

we used these frameworks and technologies because of the fast load time and Best response time for the users.

Challenges we ran into 🛠️

As we are building this for the first time in blockchain, we faced problems in the cryptography area. we learned many things about the blockchain such as Blockchain network, SmartContract. Also, some of us are new to frontend frameworks vue and TailWindCSS it was difficult for them to learn and implement it in the project in a short time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🎖️

As undergraduate students, We are proud of the fact that we have created a dApp in a short time. We have learned many things about the blockchain and the frontend frameworks. We have also learned about the cryptography, SmartContract and encryption in the blockchain.

What we learned 📔

Throughout the hackathon, we gained experience in developing and deploying the dApp in the XDC network using SmartContract using frameworks like Vue and TailWindCSS. We also learned what is Blockchain, SmartContract and how it works. We found that starting with a well-defined project idea and having open communication helped us work efficiently and meet deadlines.

Designs 🖌️

Institution Login
Student Verfiy

Student Login
Student benefits

What's next for SharpID 🎯

We would like to keep expanding our features in the IAM management, which includes Authorization Groups, Access management, and more. In the future, we hope to scale this project to a larger scale and make it more secure and reliable across the nation or in different countries.

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