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Fetch XDC Price on Smart Contract

Devs ,
Is there any guide available on XDC Network to fetch the price on a smart contract, any provider?
Eg: Chainlink in case of Ethereum.

Can someone help out with links / contract address which can provide this data source on the contract.

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go140point6 • Edited on

Plugin (PLI) is the "chainlink" of XinFin, is that what you are referring to? I've set up jobs on my PLI node that pull crypto pricing info. Here's the docs from PLI:

I've done it with several providers, not just cryptocompare, mostly as a proof-of-concept right now but eventually I think the idea is to provide this service as one of the jobs of our oracles.

On re-reading your post I see you are looking specifically for this... I assume you don't want to run an oracle yourself but want the service? It's still early and PLI is working out some kinks, but this job can very likely be made available to you for use and it's been pretty stable. Would you like to use my oracle for this service? If so, let me know... it'd be awesome to actually get a job working against it... :)

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Thanks @go140point6,

Yes, please check & plugin is decentralized oracle, which helps you to fetch prize on a smart contract.

Try out this link ->

Let us know if you need some support.

Feel free to join our discord channel for extended support ->