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BUIDL the Future (Coinbase) Hackathon: WINNERS!


I would like to thank all sponsors, participants, and judges of the Coinbase & HackerEarth #BUIDLtheFuture hackathon and especially to the teams who chose to #BuildItOnXDC.

With this hackathon we aimed to accelerate the expansion and development of Layer 2 projects across the XDC Ecosystem to facilitate network adoption for real world utility.

Project Categories

We focused on 3 categories for projects:

💫Web3 Wallet: Build the next generation non-custodial web 3 wallet to be the gateway for XDC Network dApps, DeFi and NFTs.

🌐 Defi: This category will focus on decentralized finance tools, infrastructure, and enterprise use cases to increase network TVL and tools to support a robust DeFi ecosystem.

💡 Open Ideas: Teams could be creative with submissions and look to integrating real world assets and envision what the future of Web3 will be.

Judging Process & Results

Read my last post for details on the judges, judging criteria, and project overviews: BUIDL the Future (Coinbase) Hackathon: Project Updates & Judging

The judges individually ranked the projects (1 to 5) based on the judging criteria; where 5 would be considered the best. The results were tallied as such: 2x(Impact + Novelty) + remaining criteria. An overall average was taken to generate the final rankings. The following image is a heat map of the project judging results:

Project Judging and Heatmap

Hackathon Winners

There were originally going to only be 5 winners (see previous post for breakdown across categories) but since the first DeFi project came in 9th place overall, judges decided to distribute funds to the Open Projects in an effort to grow the XDC Network.

The following is the list of winners:

Hackathon Winners

Awards will be paid out in $XDC (equivalent $USD based). We will be emailing the team leads shortly to coordinate this effort.


The BUIDL the Future Hackathon was a great event and thank you again to all sponsors, participants, and judges for supporting this effort. Being associated with sponsors such as Polygon, Klaytn, Unstoppable Domains, and Coinbase Cloud, along with having a reach to over 5,000 developers has allowed XDC Network to gain the needed exposure.

It will be exciting to watch these projects grow, and we look forward to teams participating in future events.

Thank you,

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Erick You

So appreciate from team r3plica :)

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Ravikumar J

Build it!

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Jonathan Author

UPDATE: Winners have been contacted for XDC distribution.