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Consensus Web3athon 2023 Final Project Results!


With a focus to onboard projects and expand the XDC developer ecosystem, XDC Community in association with the XDC Foundation sponsored the Web3athon, a grant-focused virtual hackathon open to anyone building a web3 project. A reward of up to a $50,000 USD milestone based grant was offered for developers looking to build novel dApps and utility on the XDC Network!

Read more about the hackathon, project finalists, judging criteria and more: XDC Rises Above All at Consensus


FuelStack Winner

Congratulations to FuelStack for winning the XDC Network $50,000* Hackathon Grant!

➡️ FuelStack is a blockchain agnostic e-commerce and NFT platform, opening the blockchain door to business and their customers with an API-first design.

* Milestone achievements required

Complete List of Results

Thank you again to all the judges for taking time to review the project and evaluate based on the judging criteria. The following table shows overall project ranking across the finalists.

Judges picked their top 5 projects and ranked from #1 (Best) to #5. Top project #1 = 5 points and project #5 = 1 point. No position = 0 points.

Winner Details

To view the list of Results and the finalist projects in more detail, video links, repositories, and business plans, please check out the list here:
XDC Network: Web3athon 2023 Final Project Details


As an ecosystem participant, the Civic team offered $10k in developer bounties to integrate their cross-chain identity and access management (IAM) solutions.

Civic Winners
Congratulations to the following teams for winning a Civic $2,000 Hackathon Bounty!

➡️STABLEBORROW Web3 platform with an inbuilt Defi, Lending, Dex and Gamefi protocols.

➡️ADMETA A Privacy-Preserving Advertising Platform for Web3 and Metaverse

➡️GREENCHAIN Environmental & Recycling Solutions company that is dedicated to providing cutting-edge recycling services to the commercial and industrial sector using web3 technology


This officially ends the XDC Network Web3athon Hackathon, and we would again like to thank XinFin, XDC Foundation, Civic, the judging committee, and all of the participants that joined, built, and supported the hackathon.

Thank you,

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