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[Informative] Introducing AuthWear: Your Gateway to Authentic Fashion

Hey there, fellow blockchain enthusiasts!

I'm thrilled to introduce you to AuthWear, the future of fashion—an XDC blockchain-powered platform that ensures every merch you buy is authentic. Say goodbye to counterfeit worries and celebrate authentic merch and wearables.

In a world flooded with counterfeit fashion items, it's time we took matters into our own hands. AuthWear leverages blockchain technology to ensure that every piece of fashion you buy is genuine. No more second-guessing the authenticity of your favorite brands!

What Does AuthWear Offer?

Instant Verification: Simply scan the QR code on any fashion item, and AuthWear will instantly confirm its authenticity. Say goodbye to counterfeit worries!
Celebrate Your Style: Trust your unique style expression, knowing it's backed by authenticity by checking the authentic creator's address.

To get started with AuthWear, follow these steps:

git clone
cd authwear-dev
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npx hardhat run scripts/deploy.js --network apothem
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yarn run dev
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How It Works

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  • Merch collaborators release their merchandise on our platform and each product is assigned a UID and Qr code.
  • During the purchase of the product, the generated UID(nft form) will be transferred to the customer’s address.
  • Buyers and chain buyers can verify the authenticity of the product using the QR code that will be embedded on the product in a label or any feasible form.
  1. Blockchain Verification: Each fashion item is associated with a unique NFT (Non-Fungible Token) on the XinFin blockchain, guaranteeing authenticity.

  2. QR Code Scanning: Users can scan the QR code on fashion items to access official history linked to the product's owner, including authenticity checks and provenance.

How Can You Get Involved?

Visit our website here to learn more about our platform.

Authwear reference links:

Technology Stack

  • XinFin (XDC) Blockchain
  • QR Code Generation and Scanning
  • IPFS (InterPlanetary File System)
  • Apothem
  • Metamask
  • Smart Contracts (Solidity)
  • ChakraUI
  • Next.JS
  • Infura
  • TXDC
  • XRC721 Tokens
  • Hardhat
  • Yarn

Let's put an end to counterfeit fashion, make eco-conscious choices, and celebrate our unique style. Together, we can revolutionize the way we experience fashion.

Join the AuthWear movement today and embrace fashion with trust, transparency, and authenticity!

Got questions or thoughts? Share them below! 🛍️🌟👗

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