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how to transfer XDC (not XDCe)and to my Ledger Nano S wallet?

Can you help me? I am new to all of this and not tech savy. I have some XDC and tried to transfer it to my Ledger Nano S wallet. It keeps saying that the address is invalid when I have triple checked it. The verbiage on Ledger shows their XDC nework version is the XinFin network for XDCe. Mine is XDC, not XDCe. Is this why I'm getting the address error message? I don't know what XDCe is.
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Hello @socalmom_9f3f665d534c96f9
We hope that the above issue is resolved, if the issue still persists then please let us know about it so that the team can resolve it on priority. It will be grateful to get an update within 72 hours or else it will be considered resolved.
Thank You.

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Same here. I have XDC network app on my Ledger. Sent all my XDC from Uphold to my Ledger Eth address, but instead of going to the XDC account, everything was converted to Ethereum. Now do I need to send this Eth to MEW to be converted back to XDC, then send that XDC back to my Ledger?

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ruslan wing

For now you can use ledger by connecting MyEtherwallet or MyCrypto wallet for more details please check out

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Jimmy Phelps

So I just bought XDC on uphold. What is my next step? I have a nano x. I accident;y sent some xdc to xdce on ledger. What should I have done exactly? Create a mycrypto account and send it there then sync with my ledger? Im so confused