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[Hackathon] DeFDap - Team VGeek - DIMO Hack VITAP

A Decentralized finance possible through the decentralized application with the addition of some useful features such as token dapping, reentrancy guard and others.

It solves the flow of money into a much smoother manner and proves as a win-win situation for the client as well the DeFDap. The common features are the same such tokenization and the receiving/giving interest based on the role of customer as an depositor/loan taker. The extra features are the token staking and the reentrancy guard which give a user-friendly appearance and transparency for the customer. It also prevents the re entry of a user(which is the reason for the most number of crypto attacks). The modularity security provided by HyperLane's ISMs also play a major role in checking of whether the transaction was actually done by the person.

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