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Discussion on: [Solved] XDC pay 2.0

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Sean • Edited on

Please check for any spaces or capital letters while entering your seed phrases. If you accidentally press the spacebar while entering the phrases or put any capital letters in your seed phrases, it will come up as incorrect.

Alternatively, you can also try to import the same wallet with your seed phrases to metamask. Make sure to add XDC Network and select XDC network while doing that to see your funds in Metamask wallet.

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Alex Author

Hello Sean,

I was recovering to Metamask but it turns out that one of the seed words I spelt the English way which Metamask didn't recognise but did the American way, I then tried that on XDC pay and it worked! Apologies for wasting your time, my wallet is now imported, thank you!

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Glad to know that it finally worked for you.