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Santhosh Kumar
Santhosh Kumar

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[Hackverse] The Decentralized Solution In Fantasy Application

Application Details

Application Name: DreamBig

Problem Statement: To solve the transparency issue in the web2 fantasy application.So, we provide a decentralized solution to make it transparent.

Built at Hackverse'2024 Chennai

Personal information

Team Name: Hackersverse

Team Members and their roles:

     Nishanth (Backend Developer)
     Vishal Aakash(Frontend Developer)
     Sandeep Akash(Data Analyst)
     Santhosh Kumar(Solidity)
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Our Product Contains

  • A decentralized solution for making a fair winning in a decentralized application.
  • It contains transparent transaction so that the user in top of XDC to make the fair application.
  • The XDC helps in several ways to implement this project

How we implement this idea

we have created an decentralized application for a fantasy application

The user have doubts and issues on the transaction on any fantasy application to give the fair chance of winning is more important for user engagement on this kind of application. So, we made it in the web3 manner to give the trust for the user as well as a transparent transaction for every time.

First of all we created a logic to make this happen.So, we deeply think into the logic and finally we can get the logic based on the logic we have written a solidity code that performs all the operations ,like creating a team, joining the contest with created team and able to share their contest to their friends.

And then we have created a frontend with the help of react js
to make an simple and an effective application and finally we have integrated it.

The XDC comes into the picture where we deployed our contract on XDC remix then connected XDC pay for the transaction and we have find some difficulties while connecting to the XDC pay but we able to manage that one but we face issue in XDC connecting it into fronend so we thin we can complete the project.

Project Available On Github

Our Developers social handles:


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