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[Hackathon] Decentralized app for Medicare

The one SOS System provides a rapid alert mechanism for individuals facing trouble.
Users can simply text or voice a distress message, such as "I am in trouble," through their DApp (decentralized App) .
This triggers an immediate notification to the nearest available devices or contacts. Upon receiving the distress signal, the system automatically shares the user's location with nearby devices .
This feature ensures that responders can quickly locate and assist the person in distress, reducing response time and potentially preventing harm.
The Medicare app will provide users with a secure and centralized platform to upload, store, and manage all their medical records and histories. This centralized approach eliminates the fragmentation of medical information, ensuring that users have easy access to their complete health data whenever needed.
Leveraging advanced AI technology, the app will offer users instant health advice and guidance based on their uploaded medical history and reported symptoms. This feature provides users with timely and personalized recommendations, reducing the need for lengthy consultations and enhancing overall healthcare accessibility
The Medicare app will cater to both physical and mental health needs, offering a holistic approach to healthcare management. Users can seek advice, track their health metrics, and access resources and support related to both their physical and mental well-being, promoting overall health and wellness.

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