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How to update node name in XinFin Masternode?

What is XinFin - XDC Masernode?

A Masternode validates each transaction and is also responsible for writing the transaction onto the truth ledger: the blockchain. As a consequence, this makes decentralized governance of the network possible. Restrictions on nodes that aspire to become Masternodes.

Here you can check the XDC Staking Information; Total Masternode Count, Total Staked amount, and Current Epoch/Block number.

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Let’s learn, How to update your XinFin - XDC Masternode name and other info.
(Used Network: Apothem)

Masternode owners can Log in to the Masternode app using the XDCPay, Private Key, Ledger Wallet, or Trezor Wallet.

Now, Logged into your Masternode and visit the Home page and click on your Masternode.

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Once you are on your Masternode screen, the Edit option will be shown next to your Masternode name.

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Here you can edit your Masternode Name, and also update the other information such as Hardware name, Data Center Name, Data Center Location, Website, and Telegram link.

Once you confirmed all the information, click on the Next button.

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Now you will be redirected to the Confirmation screen, Confirm the information and click on Submit button.

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You will be notified that “Your Masternode information has been updated successfully!”

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And you can check the updated name of your Masternode on Home Screen.

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Check out the Important link regarding XinFin - XDC Masternode:

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XDC Network Masternode App with Improved Features.

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