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XDC Network Crosschain Implement Proposal

Hello XDC Community

This is NerveNetwork, a gas-free blockchain network, our goal is to connect all isolated blockchains and establish a cross-chain asset exchange network, providing all necessary underlying support for the Defi ecosystem. Let every digital asset holder experience a safe, free, and transparent DeFi service.

In general, NerveNetwork is a gas-free blockchain built to solve crosschain problems and DeFi demands. NerveBridge is the core product of NerveNetwork, other than the bridge, there is NerveSwap and NerveFarm, knowing that all the NerveNetwork products are multi-chain friendly is important!

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We intend to implement our crosschain bridge to the XDC Network ecosystem. We noticed that XDC blockchain now has WanBridge as its official bridge,unfortunately, WanBridge is only friendly to some of the mainstream crypto assets such as ETH, USDC, etc. NerveBridge is unlike WanBridge, it allows users to crosschain any customized XDC tokens to other 18 supported blockchains that are already supported, including Ethereum/ BNBChain/ Polygon/ Heco/ OKC/ Tron/ Avalanche/ Harmony/ KCC/ Cronos/ Arbitrum/ Fantom/ Metis/ Optimisim/ IoTex/ smartBSH/ Klatyn/ NULS and NerveNetwork

There is a full suite of NerveNetwork ecosystem products that can maximize the profits for XDC ecosystem projects and users, below is a list of our products. I will giving out more details about the Nerve products in the following content.

NerveBridge – Bridging any XDC-based token to 19 blockchains, expanding new territory for any XDC ecosystem projects

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DApp :

NerveBridge is the main product of NerveNetwork, and aims to build a crosschain ecosystem that consists of 20+ blockchains including Ethereum, BNBChain, Polygon, Heco, OKC, Tron, Avalanche, Harmony, KCC, Cronos, Arbitrum, Fantom, Metis, Optimisim, IoTex, smartBSH, Klatyn, NULS, and NerveNetwork itself. It's very simple to use. Nerve has assisted over 200+ Tokens from BSC/ Ethereum/ Polygon/ Fantom... to circulate on multiple blockchains. NerveBridge supports the most mainstream assets, such as USDT, ETH, BNB, FTM, ONE, MATIC, and all the underlying token of our supported blockchains.

NerveSwap – Charge-free Token listing. A DEX with absolutely no transaction fees and fast confirmation

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DApp :

NerveSwap is a decentralized gas free exchange built within NerveNetwork. Relying on Nerve's crosschain ability, you can easily swap the same token just in different forms, for example, you can swap USDT(ETH) to USDT(TRON) using NerveSwap or XSP(XDC) to XSP(ETH) supposing that XSP has liquidity on Ethereum blockchain.

NerveFarm – Creating Stake/Farm Pools for XDC ecosystem projects on NerveSwap

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DApp :

NerveFarm is a DeFi infrastructure that provides NerveSwap liquidity with opportunities to participate in farming. NerveFarm can create farming pools for both single-coin and LP tokens. This feature will be open to all the XDC ecosystem builders as well.

NerveScan - NerveScan is self-developed blockchain browser for NerveNetwork

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DApp :

We are trying to build a bridge that connects the XDC ecosystem to other 19 blockchains, this requires certain amount of development efforts and testing costs. We would like to apply for 600,000 $XDC token from the community fund as the implement grant, this grant will be used for the development cost and future maketing cost once the bridge is completed.

NerveNetwork Resources Links

Data Service

*We have witnessed the development of the XDC blockchain ecosystem and the rapid-shifts in the industry, and we have always believed that multi-chain is the future of blockchain. At the same time, we are also looking for more like-minded partners to build the ecosystem together. We hope to work together with XDC blockchain to make XDC's ecosystem projects reach more communities and users through our cross-chain capabilities. Hope to build together in the future with XDC people! *

*Vote "YES" if you like the the NerveNetwork crosschain idea. *

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sean_ profile image

First of all, Thank you for putting up a proposal to implement your cross-chain bridges to the XDC Network.

Secondly, I hope you must be aware about Wanchain working with the XDC network on the same tech. How different are these Nerve Network Bridges from Wanchain bridges?

nervenetwork profile image
Network Nerve Author • Edited on

Thanks for your question, and yes, we know that WanBridge is working with XDC ecosystem to offer crosschain service, but there are difference.

NerveNetwork support more blockchains than WanBridge, we have supported 19 blockchains so far.

When you use NerveBridge to interact with any supported assets/blockchains, there is no crosschain fees to be charged as NerveNetwork itself is a gas-free blockchain, users only need to pay just gas-fees, the gas fees is decided by the blockchain they interact with.

NerveNetwork has a friendly transaction tracking UI design. You can look up transactions/ crosschain transactions information in a very clear way!

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Network Nerve Author

Another benefit of the implement that WanBridge doesn't have :

Once NerveNetwork integrates XDC Network, SwapBox can implement an interesting function for XDC ecosystem users

Users can use any other blockchain Assets(as long as this blockchain is supported by Nerve) to exchange XDC tokens across chains. For example: they can swap BNB/MATIC/ETH to directly to XDC tokens and other tokens on XDC Blockchain, so users no longer need to withdraw assets at Cex as gas fees.

sarthak_bakshi profile image
sarthak bakshi

Hello there

Thanks for the detailed proposal, had a couple of questions/concerns

Found that the project uses a proof of credit consensus with a 35 node validation mechanism, are these nodes shuffled in a timely manner to avoid a bias centralized attack?

The contract also does not mention that the minimum number of signatures must be greater than 1, is there any reason for that? And does that not impose centralized risks?

nervenetwork profile image
Network Nerve Author • Edited on

Hi thanks for your question, you must read our whitepaper very carefully, we are very happy that you are paying attention to this. I should've explained previously how the Nerve consensus works in the proposal.

To answer your 1st question, Nerve has 3 different nodes with each one having different roles to play :

1/Virtual banks
A virtual bank is responsible for the maintenance of cross-chain, including creating and managing multi-signatures accounts and smart contracts, broadcasting transactions. Virtual banks are selected from consensus nodes (top 15 nodes with the most amount of $NVT(our native token) staked.

2/Consensus nodes
The consensus nodes are responsible for the maintenance of the blockchain, you can deposit NVT to create a consensus node, which requires at least 200,000 NVT.
The top 35 nodes with the highest deposit amount are responsible to maintain the entire network.

3/ Normal nodes.
These nodes are responsible for transaction collection, block and transaction verification, etc.

Anyone can apply for the nodes, as it is mostly selected by the amount staked.

Now answering the 2nd question, requiring 66% of the nodes signatures instead of 1, this is decided by our consensus algorithms (Byzantine Fault Tolerance). But as we know a 51% attack can cause a disaster to most POS networks. We increased this number to 66% in NerveNetwork.

I hope my answers help :)