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Discussion on: XDC Network Crosschain Implement Proposal

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First of all, Thank you for putting up a proposal to implement your cross-chain bridges to the XDC Network.

Secondly, I hope you must be aware about Wanchain working with the XDC network on the same tech. How different are these Nerve Network Bridges from Wanchain bridges?

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Network Nerve Author

Another benefit of the implement that WanBridge doesn't have :

Once NerveNetwork integrates XDC Network, SwapBox can implement an interesting function for XDC ecosystem users

Users can use any other blockchain Assets(as long as this blockchain is supported by Nerve) to exchange XDC tokens across chains. For example: they can swap BNB/MATIC/ETH to directly to XDC tokens and other tokens on XDC Blockchain, so users no longer need to withdraw assets at Cex as gas fees.

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Network Nerve Author • Edited on

Thanks for your question, and yes, we know that WanBridge is working with XDC ecosystem to offer crosschain service, but there are difference.

NerveNetwork support more blockchains than WanBridge, we have supported 19 blockchains so far.

When you use NerveBridge to interact with any supported assets/blockchains, there is no crosschain fees to be charged as NerveNetwork itself is a gas-free blockchain, users only need to pay just gas-fees, the gas fees is decided by the blockchain they interact with.

NerveNetwork has a friendly transaction tracking UI design. You can look up transactions/ crosschain transactions information in a very clear way!