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Response time as low as 30 minutes to our node members.

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it” -Thomas Edison

We have updated the frequently asked questions for our ticketing platform on “( )” based on the questions and feedbacks that we have gathered in the last year. This will support the community members, and node operators to review the FAQs and independently sort some of their queries. So, we encourage the community members to refer to the FAQs before raising the ticket. Members can reach out to the team by raising a ticket or on discord in case the query hasn't been addressed in the FAQ.

We are constantly pushing ourselves to give our members the best experience by replying to the tickets within 30 mins during office hours as seen in the image below.

SLA Metrics

The team is currently working on the structure of Plugin 2.0, which includes building the restaking model for our nodes. Many such updates will soon be shared on our discord channel “(”.

The 5th version of Change logs is in progress and expected to launch in the coming week.

Coming to the tickets SLA Metrics from December 9th to 23rd:-

SLA Metrics

Total number of tickets - 18
Total number of solved tickets - 13
Total number of in-progress tickets - 5

Next week, we will summarize the SLA metrics for this month.

Feel free to leave your comments/feedback here.

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