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[Informative] Plugin's Monthly Report for June 2024

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πŸ“° News

  1. Plugin's Verifiable Random Function (VRF) is on the Mainnet! It provides random numbers with cryptographic proofs, ensuring integrity and trustworthiness. Plugin VRF transforms your applications with the security and reliability they deserve.
    Key Benefits:
    *Enhanced Security: Real randomness for your digital decisions, adding a strong layer of security.
    *Seamless Integration: Easy to integrate into your dApps, harnessing true randomness effortlessly.
    *Verifiability: Cryptographic proofs guarantee the integrity of the generated randomness.

  2. The CIFI (Circularly Finance) / USDT pair is now live on Plugin Data Feeds platform on the Polygon Amoy Network! For most of the feeds available on the platform. there is more than one source for some currency exchange, and the best thing is that it is visible on the data feed as well. That implies full transparency. The users can place their request on β€œ” if a particular data is not found in the data feed list. The data we provide is real-time information provided by our data feed operators who are chosen after a strict procedure to ensure high-quality data. The feeds are strictly monitored, to avoid any discrepancies in the result.

  3. XDC EVM on Plugin full node servers now supports Solidity 0.8.23! This upgrade brings enhanced security features, improved gas efficiency, and new language enhancements, empowering developers to build even more robust smart contracts on the XDCNetwork.

  4. Our Validators can enhance their capabilities with our comprehensive guide to setting up the Offchain Reporting (OCR) feature on Plugin 2.0. Dive into the details of OCR functionality and optimize your nodes for peak performance. The guide to it is here :-

βš› Food for thought

What does the future of blockchain look like? The integration of blockchain with emerging technologies like AI and IoT will further enhance its capabilities, enabling smarter contracts and more efficient data processing. This synergy will drive innovation, fostering new business models and enhancing trust in digital interactions. As regulatory frameworks evolve and scalability issues are addressed, blockchain's adoption will likely become more widespread, paving the way for a more decentralized and equitable digital future.


  1. Which AI technique is primarily used for pattern recognition?
  2. Which AI concept involves learning from past data to predict future outcomes?

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Instander Official

Thank you for sharing the Plugin's Monthly Report for June 2024. It's always insightful to see the progress and updates within the plugin ecosystem. The detailed breakdown of new features, bug fixes, and user feedback highlights the continuous effort to improve and enhance the user experience.

I am particularly impressed with the introduction of [Verifiable Random Function (VRF)], which I believe will significantly benefit the community. Additionally, the responsiveness to user feedback is commendable and crucial for maintaining a robust and user-centric platform.

Looking forward to more updates and improvements in the coming months. Keep up the excellent work!