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Pulcino Piopio
Pulcino Piopio

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Hello eveybody, i have a big Issue on Xinfin network wallet, after sent xdc from MEW wallet i saw my amount xdc on my address (derivation ethereum) in my wallet Xinfin, after exit and re enter to my wallet, now my address is Missing in the list where choose address to access the wallet! Why? Where is gone my address Xinfin network/derivation ethereum?
Please, need support from you!

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ruslan wing

Please note you have created a wallet on XinFin Network with mnemonic phrase while creating a wallet you must have entered the password so please note you will have to use same password to access your web wallet then only you will be able to find your address.

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Irina Scott

Xinfin wallet has two huge problems. First is, when people create password, there is no re-enter password request to avoid misspell, so if printing error done, and password hidden for security purpose, people do not know this as the second awful issue. You enter different password with correct mnemonic phrase, wallet let you in if password is incorrect ( but you think you entered previous password). You think everything is correct and do not suspect that you are in trouble as you in wallet after you entered wrong password hidden for security purpose and system let you in. You transfer your coins from exchanges and when next time you entered password ( you think correct but it's may be correct but different from the second password) and all your funds gone. This is a miserable wallet error. I lost all my coins I thought sent in safe place but because of these two development mistakes the wallet is the worse place to keep your funds. Xinfin customer support just doesn't reply to you.

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michel kayat

xinfin scammed you,