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How to build a dApp quicker using react-solidity-xdc3 package

Everyone has a brilliant idea, but when it comes to implementation they always stuck and give up just like that.

Are you a blockchain developer or Enthusiasts? then you know how hard it is to evaluate which web3 packages/libraries is better to use to build an application. Though we have ethers, xdc3 libraries, it is always a cumbersome process for a beginner when they want to try out and bring their idea into realities.

To address all these issues!, "Plugin" team is bringing you a npm package "react-solidity-xdc3" and detailed imlpementation steps. A one stop package, which takes care of connecting your client application to smart contract in just few lines.

Using this package, you can write data, query data, query events, convert price to wei, wei to price, xdcpay wallet integration & many more.

Installation Steps

How it works?

It performs the following task

Functionalities Covered by react-solidity-xdc3 package

We are constantly updating this package to give a complete functionalities that are required to build a enterprise grade decentralized application.

Let us know if you find this npm package useful and if it improvised your development efforts, in comment section.

Watch out this space/#tag for more such exciting news!..


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