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Why we are using XDC Blockchain Network

XDC has near zero GAS fees compared to other available blockchain networks. The XDC Network is an enterprise-friendly, open source, hybrid blockchain protocol specializing in tokenization for real world use cases like decentralized finance, tokenized trade assets and stable backed assets. It enables customers to launch new products and services by providing institutions an enterprise-grade blockchain solution to digitize contracts, assets, launch markets, and reduce operational costs. Currently, XDC is the only token/coin traded on the platform.

XDC Network already has third party Wallets like D’cent, BitFi, Ellipal, Freewallets, Gurda etc. Decentralized wallet will never manage accounts with sensitive information such as passwords, private keys, or email addresses.

Proven and tested energy-efficiency consensus mechanism known as XinFin delegated-proof-of-stake (XDPoS). This leverages a decentralized network of validators to securely finalize transactions and defend against potential attacks. The massive acceleration of blockchain performance is one of the most important key features of XinFin.

With the XDPoS consensus protocol, XinFin provides:

At least 2,000 TPS while still enhancing security through Double Validation l 2-second block-time and transaction confirmed within 4 seconds.

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