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Litigation - The Most Common Form of Dispute Resolution at Global Level Made Easy with Law Blocks Platform.

The process of taking a matter to court is known as litigation. Disputed parties shall present their respective cases to a judge for a decision if they cannot reach an amicable settlement. It is a general term that refers to a protracted and occasionally complex process.
Litigation is the most common form of dispute resolution. In litigation, the parties bring their claims to a state or federal court to resolve their case through a court trial. The parties may choose a jury trial, where a group of their peers decides their case. The alternative is a bench trial, where a judge decides the case. Strict state or federal rules of civil procedure must be adhered to in litigation. Judgments rendered in a court trial may be appealed to courts of higher jurisdiction. For example, a
District Court judge first decides a federal case. Appeals will be heard by the Circuit Court judges or the Supreme Court in some specific cases.
There are different ways of dispute resolution on the Law blocks, there are several legal experts in the field of Business and contractual laws on the panel of Law Blocks, small litigation can be settled with the Free Legal Aid team and if there are bigger matters there are legal experts from different Arbitration and Mediation centres/Courts throughout the attached to the Law Blocks panel. Law Blocks help you with our global legal community. The final legal contract uploaded on Blockchain is stored on XDC Network's, and users can settle the fees of Arbitrators and Meditators using LBT token (XRC20 Token).
Associates and Legal Experts on Law blocks team are also rewarded with LBT for their advice and global expansion of the Law Blocks platform. The transaction fees of the LBT token are free for the 1st year and nearly zero later on.
The time taken for a transaction is instant. This mode of payment is accessible globally without any boundary with its value in the market. The community can now buy LBT on Bitrue without the pain of KYC and many more leading exchanges shortly.

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