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Fund Relief Management System


Humanitarian relief and catastrophe rebuilding are particularly prone to corruption when natural tragedies, natural disasters, or pandemics strike. In Relief fund raising process there will be Sudden flow of vast sums of money, commodities, and services, which will increase in the likelihood of corruption, waste and mismanagement. There is lack of transparency in the relief fund
monitoring system.

What it does:

we can use blockchain technology which will provide promising solution. So all details can be kept secure in blockchain and great transparency will be maintained between parties. When a person donating to that account they eventually become part of the blockchain account. Any credit and debit details from that account will be maintained by all as distributed ledger.

How we built it:

Using Python/ Solidity we can build this application

Challenges we ran into :

Implementing fund related application is a challenging task.

Accomplishments that we're proud of :

We have also included supply chain management in to this to deploy food and medical kits to the needy people.

What we learned :

we can make change in existing relief fund monitoring system to make the whole process transparent and tamper proof.

What's next for Distributed relief fund monitoring system using blockchain

We can also include route optimization to ensure that the humanitarian aids are reaching the victims on time with throughput and minimal delay.

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