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Discussion on: [WIP] Need XDC Wallet Help!

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Jordan E Author

Hi @sean_ ,

I read somewhere that when I setuo the wallet I selected an "0x.." address... but I don't think I did. I've had this XDC for a while and don't remember going through this process of picking an "0x..." address.

I've double and triple dipple checked my Password spelling and still showing zeros. I don't know how to access this address.

Am...I...screwed...? LOL

Thank you,

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It has always been like this when you create wallet using Mnemonic phrase and password combination. When you login using the seed phrase and password combination, a list of wallet address pops up starting with 0x. Only when you select a particular address and click on access my wallet, the interface will show you the address beginning with XDC. Note that only the prefix is getting changed here from 0x to XDC and not the address itself.