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Jackie Collins
Jackie Collins

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Verifying Contracts created via XDC Origin?

Hello All, Founder of BTCx here. I minted this project token via the Origin tool, however, it appears the contract is unable to be verified through the traditional method. If there are any devs that can help it would be greatly appreciated.

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ruslan wing

Please check out the detailed guide on How to verify your Smartcontract on Blocksscan Explorer

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Jackie Collins Author

I figured out how Origin named their contracts by plugging in the .sol file into remix.ide and compiling.

So note for future Projects.
If you use Origin to mint your tokens. To verify your contract in the "Contract Name" field type "Coin." It does not name it the same as your project. Paste .sol code as usual. Click submit. Cheers. 👍

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Jonathan • Edited on

You could consider creating your XRC-20 through Truffle: