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Irina Scott
Irina Scott

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XinFin wallet has a huge issue which can bring you in trouble

Xinfin wallet has two huge problems and the support is not working.When you create your wallet,you have to create a password. For security purpose passwords usually hidden. Xinfin doesn't have re-enter function for a password but let you go to wallet with a wrong password. When you test a new wallet thinking you entered correct password becase after entering a wrong password,you think you moved to your wallet, you can be in trouble. I entered password and tested it. I thought if I entered a password and the wallet let me in, everything is correct so I transfered my coins to the wallet and when next time I logged in to my wallet, all coins disappeared. Because poor wallet design let you go to a wallet with wrong password (as you entered password hidden for security purpose). You will not be notified you entered wrong password but your wallet let you transfer funds. Now you lost your coins and click customer support for help. Good luck to get support. I'm not only one victim.People think they safe as they have 12 words phrase and they can restore the wallet with their funds but 12 words useless if the printing error in password brought you in different wallet were you sent money, Your address will be disappeared.A lot of people ask in internet for help with the same problem and no answer from XinFin support.They ignor your messages and e-mails. Never seen when a company bring their customers in trouble and doesn't help their customers.

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Alex B • Edited on

Thank you for this. I am absolutely devastated as I realized yesterday that I cannot access my funds anymore after not accessing xinfin wallet for nearly 2 years and having been under the wrong impression my funds were safe. It appears now that I lost a lot of money (and time). I simply cannot access my wallet anymore with the 12 word phrase and password. I don't believe I had any typos when I transferred the funds, I am convinced my details are 100% correct as I clicked "view" in the password box and then clicked autosafe too plus I always double and triple check. I tried for 12 hours yesterday to access my wallet to no avail. There is no support and I am now convinced this wallet is a SCAM. No one helps, there is a fake contact e-mail and I am absolutely furious that I was led to believe this wallet was safe 2 years ago when I transferred all of my funds. No one to talk to it is absolutely heart-breaking and lonely out here

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RVC Inc.

This just happened to me!!! I lost million xdc!!

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Giant Panda

you are not alone I am more or less in the same shit......

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Sean • Edited on

Though I can understand the frustration this might be causing you but the password was put in place as an extra layer of security so that in event someone accidentally gets access to your seed phrases, it would still be difficult for them to access the funds.

The wallet isn't buggy. There are some key differences between a typical password and the password that protects your mnemonic phrase. Because the password doesn't encrypt the mnemonic phrase (like the password encrypts your keystore file), there is no "wrong" password. Using a different password will result in different accounts being unlocked. Please check the details you entering carefully when using this method.

You need to try around some password variants to include all kind of typos you could had during the wallet creation process. Once you enter the same pass you will see the wallet with your balance

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Irina Scott Author • Edited on

It looks you do not understand the problem. People loose money since you added this "extra level security". There is no re-enter password when it created and this is already huge issue. People enter wrong password ( printing error) but because wallet opens they think they entered the right password. Do you know that people use fingers on mobile phones and can print a wrong button or duplicate letter when screen pushed stronger like enter word onne instead of one...etc. But they think they used correct password since wallet opened.
In my case, there is no way to forget a password and I know my password but all my xdc disappeared from my wallet and there is no address where I transfered coins and there is only one reason is wrong password entered as "extra security" which let me in to the wallet I thought I created with original password. May be letter duplicated or missed but wallet opened. When next time I entered right password, there is no coins. A lot of people are victims of your "extra security" and you let people to loose money because of lousy design and programming job of people who created the wallet. Your support is dead. A lot of people lost their money and a lot of them do not know it yet. Your advise to try to memorize is awful. How you can memorize printing error? You offering people to try all printing errors. I tried it and after five hours I gave up. It' the worse advise anyone can give to people who is in trouble because of genious idea to add worse type of "extra security" ever. You locked a lot of victims. This is first time when wallet is so dangerous for users.

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michel kayat

it is not bad design, or a bug, or else,
xinfin is a scammy blockchain,
quincy jon, one of the 4 devs, has been seen doing videos 2 years ago, with a notorious scammer who was shilling xrp shitcoins like DogeGf etc,
mattygTV deleting his youtube channel and is nowhere to be seen,
what xinfin did is they simply scammed people,
i invite everybody to sue them, for theft,
many people have 100% correct password,
xinfin simply cutted the access to people's account,
organised crime

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just experiencing the same issue! how is possible fix it?

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Carlos Rizzitiello

I have the official XDC wallet and all my coins are lost, they are gone from my wallet, and I am getting an error every time I enter my wallet, with a json in the popup.

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RVC Inc.

I got the same thing. It says error As soon as I get access to it. What should we do?

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Grace Savin

I'm in the same position. Can't access my XDC. Wallet shows 0