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Discussion on: XinFin wallet has a huge issue which can bring you in trouble

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Alex B • Edited on

Thank you for this. I am absolutely devastated as I realized yesterday that I cannot access my funds anymore after not accessing xinfin wallet for nearly 2 years and having been under the wrong impression my funds were safe. It appears now that I lost a lot of money (and time). I simply cannot access my wallet anymore with the 12 word phrase and password. I don't believe I had any typos when I transferred the funds, I am convinced my details are 100% correct as I clicked "view" in the password box and then clicked autosafe too plus I always double and triple check. I tried for 12 hours yesterday to access my wallet to no avail. There is no support and I am now convinced this wallet is a SCAM. No one helps, there is a fake contact e-mail and I am absolutely furious that I was led to believe this wallet was safe 2 years ago when I transferred all of my funds. No one to talk to it is absolutely heart-breaking and lonely out here

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Giant Panda

you are not alone I am more or less in the same shit......

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RVC Inc.

This just happened to me!!! I lost million xdc!!