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Discussion on: XinFin wallet has a huge issue which can bring you in trouble

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Irina Scott Author • Edited on

It looks you do not understand the problem. People loose money since you added this "extra level security". There is no re-enter password when it created and this is already huge issue. People enter wrong password ( printing error) but because wallet opens they think they entered the right password. Do you know that people use fingers on mobile phones and can print a wrong button or duplicate letter when screen pushed stronger like enter word onne instead of one...etc. But they think they used correct password since wallet opened.
In my case, there is no way to forget a password and I know my password but all my xdc disappeared from my wallet and there is no address where I transfered coins and there is only one reason is wrong password entered as "extra security" which let me in to the wallet I thought I created with original password. May be letter duplicated or missed but wallet opened. When next time I entered right password, there is no coins. A lot of people are victims of your "extra security" and you let people to loose money because of lousy design and programming job of people who created the wallet. Your support is dead. A lot of people lost their money and a lot of them do not know it yet. Your advise to try to memorize is awful. How you can memorize printing error? You offering people to try all printing errors. I tried it and after five hours I gave up. It' the worse advise anyone can give to people who is in trouble because of genious idea to add worse type of "extra security" ever. You locked a lot of victims. This is first time when wallet is so dangerous for users.