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[Proposal] Proposal- Enabling Atomic Swaps of native tokens with Safe Haven

Application Details

Personal Information

Full Name: Iramis Castro

Email Address:

About You; the founders and the team

Jurgen Schouppe (Belgium) - Co-Founder, Senior Blockchain Solution Architect, and CEO and CTO SaefTech and Safe Haven. Jurgen has extensive experience and expertise in network and security engineering. For over 16 years, he has been a subject matter expert at the European Parliament, working as an IT network team leader and network/security engineer. He continues to be frequently consulted by the European Parliament as a senior NET/SEC consultant. Furthermore, he is a certified ethical hacker and entrepreneur.

Linkedin: Jurgen Schouppe - LinkedIn

X (Twitter):

Andy Demeulemeester (Belgium) - Co-Founder, Full Stack Developer and COO SafeTech and Safe Haven. Andy is an entrepreneur and a Full Stack Developer with more than 15 years of experience in various multinational companies. He has a deep understanding of managing and developing complex software solutions and masters a wide range of software languages.

Linkedin: Andy Demeulemeester - LinkedIn

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Other Safe Haven team members who will be collaborating on the project include Daniel (USA), a blockchain developer with 6 years' worth of blockchain experience, and Rok (Slovenia), a devoted DevOps. The project team is supported by the larger Safe Haven team which includes expertise in the areas of product development, marketing and community management.

Safe Haven is an innovative company, dedicated to delivering groundbreaking solutions that leverage the power of blockchain technology. Our mission is to facilitate a secure, inclusive, and accessible digital economy for individuals worldwide. With a suite of products fueled by the SHA token, Safe Haven wants to ensure that everyone can participate and benefit from this new era of digital innovation.

Our product suite contains:

  • SafeSwap, a decentralized cross-chain atomic swapping bridge for native tokens.
  • Inheriti®, a data backup and inheritance solution to transfer access to loved ones and business partners.
  • SafeKey Pro, a secure hardware device designed for cold storage of Inheriti® plan shares. It also provides an additional layer of security for logins through its 2FA functionality
  • Comet Wallet, a digital wallet that lets you manage crypto and access blockchain applications directly through your browser.

Safe Haven is powered by SafeTech Labs, the development company behind Safe Haven, also founded and managed by Jurgen and Andy since 2017. SafeTech Labs is an innovative blockchain technology start-up company that develops protocols and smart contracts.

Grant Application Details

Grant Category

  • Protocol development
  • Developer Tooling

Project Description

The project includes:

  1. The integration of XDC network into SafeSwap, enabling the transfer of native tokens through atomic swaps.


Originally, SafeSwap was created to enable the transfer of our native token, SHA, across different blockchains to serve as a utility token for Inheriti®. As we were developing the tool, we noticed that other builders were also interested in using it. We made the decision to make the tool accessible to other builders as well.

SafeSwap is a revolutionary, pioneering tool that empowers Web3 builders to utilize their own native token on all connected EVM-based blockchains. Without requiring the use of wrapped tokens and thus eliminating the risks associated and the need to rely on a third-party custodians.

SafeSwap is further characterized by:

  • Security and decentralization by atomic swaps
  • Preserved tokenomics integrity and no need to distribute tokens over chains.
  • Independent from third-party liquidity.
  • Advanced security with additional security layers
  • Possibility of API integration with Whitelabel option.

To be clear, SafeSwap is not a DEX, but a developers tool that can be used to bring native tokens cross-chain. Chains currently integrated into SafeSwap are: Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, vechain, Base, and Optimism.

Please see our presentation for an introduction to SafeSwap:

Project Goals and Aspirations

Our goal is to assist builders on XDC by providing them with an atomic bridge to transfer native tokens between EVM-based chains, allowing them to expand their impact and operations. with the possibility of an API integration and Whitelabel option.

We’ve selected XDC ecosystem as a valuable chain to add, because of its focus on improved efficiency, security, and support for enterprise-grade applications and services which fits well with SafeSwap and other products we would like to bring to the XDC ecosystem.

SafeSwap offers the ability that no other solution provides: transporting native tokens from one chain to another. It is done in a decentralized manner and designed to maintain the integrity of the tokenomics and eliminate the need for token distribution. Projects maintain full control over their tokenomics, without the need for third-party liquidity or custodians, thus minimizing associated risks.

Our aspiration is to become active builders and supporters of the XDC blockchain and bring Inheriti® to the XDC eco-system, SafeTech’s decentralized data backup and digital inheritance solution, as the go-to solution for safeguarding and preserving digital assets within the XDC ecosystem, providing a seamless and secure experience for all XDC projects and users.

In the near future (2024) we will integrate Stripe into Inheriti®, which will make Inheriti® easily accessible for web2 customers. Additionally, we are also making plans to incorporate our browser wallet, Comet, on the XDC blockchain.

What is the problem you are trying to solve using XDC Blockchain Network

The problem we are trying to solve using the XDC Blockchain Network is the lack of cross-chain interoperability for projects using their native tokens. With Safeswap, we provide a solution that allows projects to seamlessly go cross chain or migrate to the XDC network while retaining the functionality of their native tokens. By offering a decentralized and extremely secure platform for cross-chain integration, we aim to empower projects with the ability to leverage the benefits of the XDC network and enhance their overall tokenomics.

Cross chain bridges have the potential to unlock various use cases and enable interoperability, the adoption and implementation of these bridges are still in relatively early stages. Our aim is to make XDC blockchain one of the first chains to provide this functionality to its users.

Budget and Milestones

So far, we have funded all the development and chain integration ourselves. However, we recognize that in order to accelerate further development and connect with interesting chains, we need to rely on grants. We are respectfully requesting a grant in the amount of $29,000. The funds obtained from this grant will be allocated primarily towards development costs, which accounts for 75% of the total amount. 25% of the funds will be dedicated to educational and marketing efforts aim to inform builders on the XDC network regarding the capabilities and functionality of SafeSwap, as well as to enhance awareness of XDC’s offering among projects on other interconnected chains.

The costs of operational and technical maintenance expenses will be covered by SafeTech.

Milestone #1- XDC chain integration on Testnet ($16,500)


  • Deploying SafeSwap contract on XDC.
  • Deploying token contracts on XDC.
  • Adding support for XDC in the GUI and swapper bot.

The task at hand is to analyze the security and anatomy of the XDC chain. This an important step towards integrating the SafeSwap contract and token contracts on XDC and adding support for XDC in the GUI and swapper bot. The analysis of the XDC chain’s security and anatomy is crucial for ensuring that the SafeSwap integration is done in a safe and secure way.

Expected Date of Achievement: 2 months after approval

Milestone #2- Testing SafeSwap - XDC integration ($4,000)


  • Testing XDC integration by the Safe Haven beta tester group, possibly supplemented with XDC testers.
  • Optimization as necessary.

Expected Date of Achievement: 3 months after approval

Milestone # 3- Launch SafeSwap on Mainnet ($4,000)


  • SafeSwap deployment on XDC Mainnet.
  • Install SafeSwap Dashboard.
  • Install Customer Support.
  • Launch: AMA/ X spaces (formerly twitter space) for XDC community, twitter and discord announcement channels.

Expected date of achievement: 4 months after approval.

Milestone #4 - Education & Marketing SafeSwap ($4,500 USD and Safe Haven’s expenses)


  • Articles. The purpose of these articles is to increase the understanding of SafeSwap's benefits and features among projects and users on the XDC network. Additionally, we aim to highlight the potential and advantages that XDC brings for projects currently utilizing various blockchain networks.
  • Demonstrations.
  • Tutorial video. Expected Date of Achievement: 6 months after approval.

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