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About Coinstore

Coinstore is a global cryptocurrency exchange for numerous digital assets and cryptocurrencies. It aims to be the most convenient, secure and efficient way of trading cryptocurrencies.
Launched in April 2021, we are based in Singapore and its goal is to become the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange, offering a complete package for both beginners and experienced traders.
The company was established by a global team of professionals, aiming to provide users with the ease of use, 24 hours localized services. The platform is available in more than 120 countries.

Global Establishment

Coinstore is a cryptocurrency company that has set up and established teams globally.
The team at Coinstore are advocates of cryptocurrency and they are passionate about what they do. They have set up teams in different countries so that they can provide the best service possible to projects and users.
Current established teams:

Asia - Singapore, India, Philippines, Dubai, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia

Africa - Nigeria, South Africa North America - USA, Dominican Republic

South America - Brazil, Argentina

Europe - UK, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine

Execution and Metrics

Activities to reach objectives and goals are defined and carried out, including metrics to gauge the success of particular activities in reaching the goal or goals. The consultancy engagement services can involve, but not limited to:

  • Listing on Coinstore
  • Development of strategy
  • Advising and overseeing activities to improve effectiveness and efficiency
  • Present and train industry best practices
  • International Media & Marketing

Market Validation

Coinstore has been the fastest growing Centralized Exchange in SouthEast Asia with constant growth of average 98,000 new users monthly. As of 31st August 2022, Coinstore has over 2,100,000 registered users with a daily trading volume is over a 180 million.

Top 5 Countries in SEA Regions
Population Percentage (%)
Indonesia - 16.3%
India - 15.1%
Vietnam - 13.3%
Philippines - 10.9%
Thailand - 9.7%

As a company, we believe in building long-lasting client partnerships which help us all grow.

Putting a smile on a customer’s face is everything to us. Previous happy clients of Coinstore includes (by Gala Games) (by Gala Games) (by Gala Games)
and counting…

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Look forward to discuss in details with XDC Team about potential in depth collaboration and accelerating towards huge adoption in Asia.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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shangleslanger profile image

Vote = No
While I appreciate the thought of adding XDC to more CEXs, I agree with Nick and Mitch... at this point, we only need Top 10 CEX; otherwise add liquidity to DEXs. And this integration fee is too high.

boris_xdc_b7b9a25940bb63d profile image
Boris XDC

No. Like many have said before, I agree with the fact we don't need more CEX atm. There's so much shizzle going on recently and still with CEX, more DEX-availability with sufficient liquidity is what we need.

benzzz_xdc profile image
Nick XDC


I've spoken to a rep already at Coinstore by the name of Joshua. He had agreed to complete the integration for 10k. We also agreed 5k per side would be added for liquidity equating to additional 10k. Total cost amounted to 20k.

samuel_coinstore profile image
Samuel | Coinstore Author

Thanks Nick. No worries. We will carry on with 10K USDT for integration and liquidity of 5k USDT and $5k worth of XDC. We do have 2-3 projects from your ecosystem partner that going to onboard with Coinstore.

marshuoxin profile image

Yes, definitely.
Terms and conditions were run through before proceeding with the agreement.
Samuel has shown his professionalism through his years of experience in the crypto industry.
Definitely reliable.

undine1 profile image
Undine1 • Edited on

XDC is already listed on many (good) exchanges and I don't think there's a huge benefit to listing on another one unless its top tier.

Coinstore should be happy to have such a prominent network with existing volume adding value to their exchange at fewer integration costs.

ronald_mitchell_0de6c6219 profile image
Ronald Mitchell

Vote NO! Integration fee too high. We are on top level exchanges, If we are going to pay for a listing it should be the remainder of the top 10.

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Please see Nick’s note

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Yoge Lauredo


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Jerry lwh


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Jumar Lopez