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Law Blocks to Revolutionize the Global Legal Community.

The Law Blocks consists of a platform for creating Smart Legal Contracts that are fully customizable. With Law Blocks’ easy-to-use interface, the user can select and assemble contract elements that contain the necessary computer code and accompanying legal language.

The resulting technological product is a truly smart legal contract. The Law Blocks Editor allows users to create Smart Legal Contracts, starting from a blank document or using templates made available by legal experts.

Law Blocks Marketplace facilitates the sale of smart legal contract templates created by users on this platform.

Four innovative dispute resolution mechanisms graduated in complexity for dispute resolution.

a. Free legal aid (by law blocks team) Mediation and Arbitration: Law blocks provide free legal aid for small and medium values disputes,

b. Community voting democratically: An online dispute resolution mechanism where community members can participate in the decision-making process designed to resolve disputes.

c. Mediation and/or Arbitration for resolving disputes (Party choice): Online dispute resolution mechanism where experts who are members of the community selected by the parties can participate in the decision-making process and resolve disputes.

d. Arbitration courts and Arbitration and Resolution Center: Digitised commercial Arbitration renders arbitration awards that are binding, fully recognizable, and enforceable under the New York Convention, designed for high-value disputes.

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