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[Informative] Introducing New Features in Explorer V2 - We Want Your Feedback!

We're thrilled to announce an upcoming update to Explorer V2, packed with enhancements designed to improve your experience. We are excited to share that this will soon go live on the Apothem Network.

Explorer URL:

New Features Overview:


  • Enhanced Price ChartIntroduction of Daily Transaction Chart
  • Improved Search Functionality
  • Core Mechanism Updates for Enhanced Explorer Speed
  • Navigation Revamp
  • Addition of Dark, Dim, and Light Themes
  • Improved Efficiency in Handling 0x & XDC Prefixes


  • Enhanced Transaction Viewing Experience
  • Inclusion of State Change in Address
  • Introduction of View Logs Feature
  • Dedicated Token Transfer Tab for Each Transaction
  • Support Added all Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs - like 1599) and network upgrades.
  • Integration of Pending Transaction View

Contract Updates:

  • Enhanced Support for Verifying Latest Solidity Versions
  • Inclusion of Support for Vyper Contracts
  • Addition of Support for Multi-File and Flattening Solidity Code
  • Integration of Sourcify Support
  • Improved Read/Write Contract Functionality
  • Introduction of Hardhat & Truffle-Based Contract Verification


  • Improved Token Indexing
  • Coingecko Update as Default PriceFeed Partner


  • Enhanced NFT Indexing
  • Dedicated NFT Page with Better Metadata
  • Improved NFT Inventory Management


  • Added Charts for Accounts, Transactions, Blocks, Tokens, and Contracts


  • Integration of EtherScan Based API with No Code Changes Required
  • API Rate Limit and API Keys for Enhanced Security

Your feedback is crucial for us to keep improving. As we prepare to launch these new features on the Apothem Network, we invite you to share your thoughts and suggestions. Whether it's a feature you love, something you think could be better, or a brand-new idea, we want to hear from you!

Thank you.

Discussion (2)

seonghyuk_jeon_eb65a44a9a profile image
seonghyuk Jeon

To assess the daily network usage activity level, it would be helpful to see the number of transactions per day.

gzliudan profile image
Daniel Liu

How to verify contract by hardhat and blockscan?