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BlocksScan UpTime | AI-Based Monitor Tool.

Uptime is a measure of system/service reliability, expressed as the percentage of time a machine/service has been working and available. Most services try to achieve the maximum 100% availability, and so does BlocksScan. Mostly, the information regarding service availability is limited to the teams working on the project. BlocksScan aimed to provide the community members with the service availability details on all the services available on our platform.

BlocksScan has an integrated uptime monitor and status page for the community members.

Let’s check out the BlocksScan UpTime — AI Based Monitor tool

Website Uptime Monitoring is a service that tests your site’s availability continuously around the clock, and if there is an outage, the service lets you know.

BlocksScan UpTime monitoring tool checks every minute from one of your users’ locations to see if your website is operational and working.

So now, the below websites can see their Uptime and other details provided on this tool:

Here we will check the Response Time in detail and Uptime of the Likewise, you can check other Response Time and Uptime.

The green-colored box in the Status column indicates your node is Up.

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You can find the Github repository here. Users can make a PR to join this tool if they want the Alert for their DApp after its goes down.

Depending on the alert type, you’ll have to provide the medium for your notifications. Like sharing your Discord Channel, Telegram ID, Slack ID, and email address.

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