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Bernardo Dantas
Bernardo Dantas

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[Informative] AcquaChain - EBC Hackathon

Hello, folks!

We have built AcquaChain for the European Blockchain Convetion Hackathon in Barcelona. Feel free to drop any feedback.




Imagine a world where every drop of water saved by companies translates to a tangible digital asset. Welcome to AcquaChain!

We've merged IoT with blockchain to create a revolutionary system where companies are rewarded for water conservation.

Every liter saved below industry benchmarks converts to Acqua Credits, which they can trade, offset against excess usage, or even showcase as a testament to their sustainability efforts.

With growing global water scarcity, Acqua Credits isn't just a project; it's a step towards a sustainable future. Let's make every drop count, together!


AcquaChain Repository

AcquaChain Presentation

AcquaChain Video

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Sean • Edited on

This looks interesting. Looking forward to know more about this.