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Apeksha Thorat
Apeksha Thorat

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XDC on The Dapp List

Gm Fam!

We've recently enabled the XDC Network ecosystem on our platform.

But hold on, we believe in community-driven curation! Do you have an amazing XDC Network project that deserves its spotlight? Submit them on The Dapp List using this link

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Hello, Good day!

I am trying to submit a project, but due to inssufficient XP token, not able to do so? is this mandatory to have XP? or ether should go fine?.. I have 10 XP, but requires 2 more to submit a project.

I even upvoted other project to get the XP token, but balance is not getting updated?,
can you please check and assist.

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Mohit Dhiman


I was looking at the dapp list website and I couldn't find XDC Network logo on it.

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Apeksha Thorat Author

Hey Mohit,
The Dapp List has just enabled the XDC chain, when we reach minimum 10 projects listing then we can able to see XDC logo on The Dapp List home page.