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[Informative] Update on WalletConnect issue with FireBlocks & Fathom!

As the blockchain ecosystem continues to evolve, ensuring seamless interoperability and compatibility across various platforms and protocols becomes paramount. In this vein, our team is proud to announce significant strides in integrating FireBlocks, Fathom, and WalletConnect into our ecosystem, aimed at enhancing the functionality of XRC20 tokens. Here's a breakdown of our current initiatives and future plans:

•⁠ ⁠We're developing Sample an app featuring XRC20 token's Read & Write capabilities.
•⁠ ⁠Initial testing of these functions will be done using the 0x Prefix ERPC.
•⁠ ⁠We'll ensure functionality with the xdc prefix for consistency across the network.
•⁠ ⁠Instructional videos will be created for clarity on both processes.

Explore here:

In case of incompatibilities with the xdc prefix:

•⁠ ⁠We'll employ the 0x prefix RPC as a rapid workaround with WalletConnect/FireBlocks.
•⁠ ⁠Engaging with Fireblocks to support the updated XDC 1.5.0 and activate 0x prefix compatibility.
•⁠ ⁠Post-update, we’ll conduct comprehensive end-to-end testing across Fathom and FireBlocks.

For extended xdc prefix support:

•⁠ ⁠We're identifying relevant GitHub repositories and libraries for address validation.
•⁠ ⁠New SDK will be integrated to discern XDC MainNet & TestNet addresses, ensuring transaction creation regardless of prefix variations.
•⁠ ⁠This will ensure transactions are recognized with either xdc or 0x prefix.

Our approach assumes that FireBlocks operates a full node with xdc prefix compatibility.

Leave your feedback and suggestions in the comment section below.

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pierrehedzer profile image

Hi, is there an ETA on this as I still can't connect to any XDC dApp within Fireblocks ?