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[Informative] Stay Ahead: XDC Network Prepares for Solidity 0.8.23 Integration on XDC Mainnet – Upgrade Details Inside!

The XDC Network team has announced an upcoming upgrade to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) used by the XDC Network's Mainnet, aimed at supporting the latest version of the Solidity smart contract programming language, version 0.8.23. This upgrade is a pivotal step to align with the latest advancements in the Ethereum ecosystem and ensure compatibility with the newest features and security enhancements introduced in Solidity 0.8.23. Following successful testing on the Apothem Network (Testnet) for a duration of more than two months, the team is preparing for a seamless transition to the upgraded EVM on the Mainnet.

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Some of the key features and improvements in Solidity 0.8.23 include:

  • EVM Upgrade 0.8.23
  • API Improvement eth_getAccountInfo / eth_estimateGas / eth_getLogs
  • Security Patch
  • EIP Patch
  • Support for custom errors and improved error handling
  • Improved code generation for smaller and more efficient bytecode
  • Better support for contract inheritance and virtual functions
  • Enhanced security features, such as stricter compiler checks and new language constructs for safer programming

Proposed changes

Proposed Changes in detail:

  • Hard Fork Release on XDC Mainnet
  • Target Date: 19 June 2024
  • Block Number: 76321000
  • Main feature: Support EVM 0.8.23

By upgrading the XDC EVM to support Solidity 0.8.23 and implementing these EIPs, developers building on the XDC Network will be able to leverage the latest features and improvements in the Solidity language, as well as benefit from the performance and security enhancements introduced by these EIPs. This upgrade will also ensure that the XDC Network remains compatible with the latest developments in the Ethereum ecosystem, as many popular tools, libraries, and frameworks are also being updated to support the newer versions of Solidity and the Ethereum London upgrade.

The XDC Network’s Protocol team deserves appreciation for their continuous efforts to improve and enhance the XDC Network’s protocol. They have been actively listening to feedback from the community and developers who participated in the XDC Network’s hackathons. By incorporating these valuable insights, the XDC Network team is committed to delivering a robust and developer-friendly ecosystem for building decentralized applications.

Developers building on the XDC Network are encouraged to follow the official channels and stay updated on the progress of this upgrade, as well as prepare their smart contracts and projects to be compatible with the new Solidity version once the upgrade is complete.

Community Call to Action:

XDC Network urges its community members, including developers and node operators, to upgrade their nodes at the earliest convenience to ensure a seamless transition to the new EVM version. Early adoption of the upgrade will contribute to the network's stability and security, fostering a thriving ecosystem for decentralized applications (dApps) and services.

Before proceeding with the node upgrade, We kindly advise all users to take of backup of ".env file & keystore directory" to a secure location. This precautionary step ensures that your essential information remains safe throughout the upgrade process.

Steps to upgrade the XDC Mainnet Node: Choose Method 1 or Method 2

Method 1: Upgrade via Script

  • Navigate to the mainnet directory:
cd XinFin-Node/mainnet
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  • Run the upgrade script:
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Method 2: Manual Upgrade Command

  • Navigate to the mainnet directory:
cd XinFin-Node/mainnet
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  • Pull the latest changes from the repository:
git pull
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  • Stop the current Docker containers:
sudo docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml down
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  • Pull the latest Docker image:
sudo docker pull xinfinorg/xdposchain:v1.6.0
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  • Start the Docker containers with the updated image:
sudo docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up -d
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  • To verify that your node is running XDC v1.6.0, execute the following command:
sudo bash
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Exciting Developments on the Horizon:

In addition to the EVM upgrade, the XDC Network is gearing up for the launch of XDC 2.0 on Mainnet, promising further advancements and enhancements to its protocol. XDC 2.0 Apothem is already live on Apothem Network, the Testnet for XDC, providing developers and entrepreneurs with comprehensive transaction-related details pertinent to the XDC Blockchain. This Testnet availability offers a valuable opportunity for exploration and testing before the launch on Mainnet. Stay tuned for updates on the Mainnet release of XDC 2.0. Meanwhile, you can explore its features and functionalities on XDC Apothem (Testnet) through the dedicated explorer: XDC Apothem Explorer.

The XDC Network's commitment to innovation and community-driven development is evident, and stakeholders are encouraged to engage with the community through official channels, such as the XDC Forum (XDC.Dev), to stay informed and contribute to the network's evolution.

For more information and updates, visit the XDC Network Official Website and join the discussions on the XDC Forum.

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