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Discussion on: [Closed]XDCwallet - unable to access my wallet with mnemonic phrase & password anymore

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Alex B Author • Edited on

Thanks but I already stated my password is 100% correct. I had even autosaved it way back in 2021, plus I always view it before I click return and double and triple check everything. I already spent 12 hours on this on Saturday completely wasted and tried different possibilities just in case even though the password is correct and had been autosaved. This is not helpful anymore and almost feels like victim blaming to me at this point. There is obviously something wrong with the wallet plus their "e-mail support" is a fake e-mail which is worrisome to say the least. XDCwallet obviously doesn't care about users at all, to even put a fake e-mail there is just hideous and spiteful. There is no freaking support whatsoever and I'm sitting here having lost thousands of £££. It is a disgrace and it makes me so angry to have ever trusted this terrible scam xdc web wallet. Never again

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Hey Alex, Were you able to resolve this issue? I'm having the same exact problem.

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same problem rn