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Creating an index of all Layer 2s on the XDC Network

Currently for the past few days I've been putting together a list of Layer 2s on the XDC Network to index all current DApps and there contract addresses,github,documentation, and website to allow developers a simple means of finding information on XDC layer 2 projects to allow new devs to build smart contracts with features embed from current projects allowing:

  1. more use and adoption of current Layer 2s

2.makes it easier to create new dApps with more functionality (like using a DEX,NFT market place, or oracle) can now leverage current L2s to bring more services to their projects.

Currently Ive taken note of the bigger ones (Globiance, XSwap, Plugin, StoreX) as well as some others to list on the XDC Community Website to allow for Users, Investors and Developers to have a one step shop for XDC layer 2s

The basic require meant to be included in the index are:

  • a valid Website with a secure (HTTPS) domain name
  • Github repo with any public open source code
  • The Contract Address
  • The contract Must be Verified on Blocksscan

As more applications come on to the network we will continuously be adding to the index to continually updating the website to allow for people to find all available info on current Layer 2s

once a good draft of Layer 2s have been put together you will be able to see them on the XDC Community website to find all the info you need on your favorite L2s on XDC.

all suggestions welcomed, Thank you!

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