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Yedhu Krishnan
Yedhu Krishnan

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[HackVerse] XINSWAP - The XDC Relam

Problem Statement

In a crowded DeFi market, users are looking for an efficient, secure, and versatile decentralized exchange (DEX) to facilitate their transactions. Most existing DEXs suffer from high gas fees, slower transaction speeds, and liquidity issues. There is a clear need for a DEX that solves these problems while also offering concentrated liquidity features akin to Uniswap V3, but running on a more efficient blockchain like the XDC Chain.


The XDC Realm

We solve the above problem statement using the following 3 products.


  • The Ultimate De-Fi Exchange running on XDC Chain
  • Dex with Concentrated Liquidity
  • Highly Efficient DEX when compared to Usual Dec using UNISWAP V3.

XDC Wallet

  • Created an Android XDC wallet app to facilitate P2P transactions and Asset Management.
  • Feature to connect all other D-Apps using Wallet Connect.

Denuvo Vault

  • A premium trading plugin that helps automate and manage your trading fees in your Liquidity pools.

Challenges we Faced.


  • Found it very hard to deploy in mainnet after wasting 10$ buying XDC token, then switched to Testnet where things worked flawlessly.

XDC Wallet

  • Implementation of live price pulling from CoinGecko as XDC block explorer API failed.
  • Implementation of XDC test network within the same ecosystem.

Denuvo Vault

  • The LP and AMM management plugin is still in development it was much tricky than we anticipated, we have implemented the required infra in the DAPP, in progress with respect to handling the same on chain.

Tech Stack

Solidity, React, Next.js, Typescript,uniswap, Hardhat, Ether.js, XDC, Uniswap v3, Android-Java

Github Url

Video Demo


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Team Profile

Yedhu Krishnan :
Ragavendiran B:
Ananth N:
Albin Arun:

XDC Wallet Address - yedhu.eth


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