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Discussion on: XDC Community requires your support!

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Jon McBee

Vote = YES

Continued decentralization is required for adoption of the XDC Network by industry participants. The XIP Process that XDC Community put in place is increasing programmatic decentralization of how decisions are made on improvements, feature additions, and issue mitigation.

The proposal above is increasing economic decentralization by giving the XDC Community the ability to decide how funds are allocated from the XDC Development Fund, a standard that needs to be adhered to regardless of the outcome of this vote.

Adoption of the XDC Network by industry requires this level of transparent decentralization, and the XDC Community has been a facilitator of this kind of transparent decentralization historically, and this proposal hopes to secure those efforts moving forward.

The XDC Network is at an inflection point, and the path to adoption is rooted in decentralization. This push towards decentralization will require the entire community. This proposal is focused on bringing a new entity into existence focused full time on fostering this decentralization at the will of the community. I personally believe this is necessary, but I am just one voice in the community, and mine carries no more weight or value than anyone else.