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[Informative] Sonarverse Provides Complete and Indexed Onchain Data for XDC Network From Genesis to Tip

Sonarverse, the leading blockchain indexer, includes the XDC Network. You can access complete indexed on-chain data sets with full history from genesis to tip. This integration brings comprehensive insights into the XDC chain, empowering users with high quality data for informed decision-making.

Sonarverse's XDC Data Share offers a treasure trove of tabular data on Snowflake, allowing for easy querying via SQL. With tables covering approvals, priced transfers, receipts, token transfers, and more, users gain access to a wealth of information about the XDC Network. Whether you're a developer, investor, or researcher, Sonarverse's XDC Data Share provides the insights you need to navigate the XDC ecosystem effectively.

Image descriptionImage: Sample query on Snowflake that shows the top 10 tokens with the highest total transaction value in the last 30 days

In addition to Data Share, Sonarverse's data visualization platform, Satellite, now includes key metrics specific to the XDC Network. From point-in-time pricing to moving averages, transfers, and unique users, Satellite offers a user-friendly interface for analyzing XDC data with easy-to-understand graphical representations. Whether you're tracking market trends or monitoring on-chain activity, Satellite makes it easy to visualize and understand XDC data.

Image descriptionImage: Satellite visualization of XDC Price, On-Chain Volume, and 20-day Volume Moving Average (20D VMA) over a 180 day period

With Sonarverse's coverage of the XDC Network, developers and users alike have access to powerful tools for harnessing on-chain data. Whether you're building decentralized applications, conducting research, or making investment decisions, Sonarverse's XDC coverage equips you with the insights you need to build robust solutions.

As Sonarverse continues to expand its coverage of the on-chain ecosystem, we remain committed to providing the most comprehensive and high quality data infrastructure. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for joining us on this exciting journey!

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