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Discussion on: [Informative] DAOFIN: Balanced Governance (Part-3)

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seonghyuk Jeon

My simple idea is to encourage participation in each governance by staking XDC and issuing non-transferable Vote tokens in proportion to the staked XDC. The staked XDC can be used to set up community nodes to secure basic participation incentives, and additional incentives can be obtained through voting on the distribution of additional DAO treasury incentives. I believe the current XDPOS method is limiting significant activity. As a solution, ATUL seems to have come up with some recent ideas, although detailed explanations are lacking. I'm curious about how concepts inspired by EigenLayer and LiquidStaking can be implemented in the XDC Network and whether these solutions could address the participation incentive issues in DAOFIN.

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Beny Author

Thanks for your feedback. There is a discussion around the above mentioned:

We'll add more discussions publicly as the project going forward. we prefer to onboard it through DAOFIN's Voting period