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[HackVerse]RPN - Rook Private Network


In today's digital world, privacy during data exchange is a big concern. Regular VPNs and tools like TOR have their limitations, making them not entirely secure. Our innovative system, the RPN, takes a different approach. Instead of trusting a centralized server, it uses a network of users, each acting as a node. When you make a request, it's routed through this network via a smart contract, keeping your IP secret. This smart contract communicates with an oracle, which talks to the target server. Importantly, only you can access the results. Users running nodes are rewarded with tokens, making it affordable. This project offers a scalable and robust solution for secure data exchange.

In simpler terms, imagine it as a secret network of people helping you browse the internet without anyone tracking you. You earn rewards for being part of this network, making it accessible to everyone. This project is built to handle lots of users and data, making it a great option for secure online activities.

In the context of the XDC network, our project excels in scalability. XDC is known for its fast and efficient blockchain technology. Our system leverages this strength by using XDC as the underlying infrastructure. This means that as the number of users and transactions increases, the XDC network can handle it all without slowing down.

In simple terms, it's like having a superhighway (XDC network) for your data, and our project seamlessly fits into it. So, as more people join and use our system on the XDC network, it remains fast and reliable, making it one of the most scalable solutions for secure data exchange in the XDC ecosystem.

Our Tech Stack

  • Next Js
  • Hardhat
  • Chainlink
  • Web3Modal

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