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Discussion on: XDC Community requires your support!

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I fully support any effort that helps facilitate the growth of the developer community and increases decentralized support of the technology and ecosystem. Much like a social network, the XDC blockchain - as an interactive platform - is only as valuable as its participants who interact on it.

Assorted retail applications and broad developer engagement will make the network even more robust, with more diverse participants. XDC is an EVM compatible chain. Because Ethereum has emerged as the preferred choice to develop, the XDC tech is also well-positioned. The founders were very thoughtful in their approach to the tech, and it's up to the community to continue to innovate and ensure the ecosystem reaches and envelopes new markets.

The trade finance use cases only evolve as more retail focused dapps and communities can connect to enterprise participants. As a community, we should want to increase visibility and access to the tech - so that XDC becomes the preferred destination to interact, settle, track and verify.

XDC Community's approach to network documentation, and dev/community engagement has really enhanced and further decentralized the ecosystem. Each member of the team has been active in the community. They have proven themselves to be good stewards of the network.

That combined with the fruits of their efforts from building the XDC Community vertical (i.e. standardizing XIP, bootstrapping dev engagement, repository development, etc.) suggest that they are the most well-positioned to support these efforts going forward.