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Discussion on: [Informative] Validator node prerequisite

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Which method are you using for installation? Is it method 2? (From the GitHub here

For the ports, port 3000 is being accessed on the remote stats server so you won’t need it open on your node server. Only need to have these ports open on your node:

  • whichever port you are using to connect to it via ssh (if you are just using a local machine with its own monitor and keyboard attached then you don’t need to connect via ssh so won’t need a port open for this)
  • port 30303 to allow the Xdc client to connect to other peers
  • if you are using the RPC to run queries then you’ll need port 8989 open for this

You can find information on the ports here:


During node setup a wallet will be set up for the Coinbase address to be used by the node to synchronise with the network.

The masternode owners address however is a separate wallet you can set up later after installing the node successfully. The masternode owners address wallet is the one you will stake from once the node is up and running and can be done later after node setup.


(If you look for articles I’ve published on there are only a few and they should answer some specific node questions) :)