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Discussion on: [Solved]New here. Questions about Masternode/Validator deployment

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Hi there. Good questions.

  • for information about standby nodes, you can find a summary here I made when investigating a little while back. The intro summary should still be accurate. The actual directory structures within the nodes have changed though so some of the command line parts are not accurate (the mainnet node directories moved downstream in the hierarchy so they are all in a subdirectory called “mainnet” now:

  • for the ports: 8888 and 8989 on mainnet nodes only need to be open if the http/websocket is being used (ie if the node is fielding queries or being used to broadcast transactions). 30303 is used for peer to peer connections so it is used for node discovery and connection to peers. When a node first launches it will use the nodes in “bootnodes.list” to initially connect to the network. If port 30303 is not open then you will not be able to find further peers and they will not be able to find you so your peers seem to remain capped probably around 8 (from personal experience).

These articles may also be useful for you:

(Note: The article about peer-count is also based on the old directory structure)

I’m sure some of the other members will have some further information.

Welcome along to the XDC community!