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Discussion on: A Central HUB for the XDC Community!

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Ronald Mitchell

Vote Yes! Would love to see Everything XDC in one place! If it's built On around or beside XDC you can find it OnXDC! 😉 literally one website to save, from there you can navigate to anything XDC. Want to go to exchange? They are all listed. Newp, I only use DEX, no problem all DEX links are in place, decide where the most liquidity is located and swap! Missed the Twitter Live, no worries, it and all podcasts ans interviews will be archived for research and review! Looking for new listings XRC-20, you find them OnXDC What's New! $VOY $CRE $CHUPA! Absolutely Love this Proprietary Option you have here with OnXDC!!! LFG🔥🔥

Salaries seem very fair as well! 💰👌🏽

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Tre Nelson Author

Thank you for your support!🙏🏽