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[Informative] Empowering XDC Network with AI: DaoFin's Smart Contract Standard for DAOs Now Live

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In our ongoing journey to decentralize ecosystem development on the XDC Network, we are thrilled to announce significant progress in the DaoFin initiative. As we embrace the next phase of innovation, we're excited to share how artificial intelligence (AI) and community engagement are shaping the future of decentralized governance on the XDC Network's DAO platform.

What is DaoFin ?
DaoFin is an open-source smart contract standard for DAOs on the XDC Network. It aims to decentralize decision-making and enhance transparency by empowering the XDC community to participate in proposals for bounties, grants, and integrations. This approach fosters a more democratic and transparent ecosystem within the network. For more detailed information about DaoFin and its objectives, you can visit the following link:

DaoFin Smart Contract Standard Goes Live

We are proud to announce that the DaoFin smart contract standard is now live on Apothem/Testnet at This milestone marks a significant step forward in our mission to provide a robust and transparent framework for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) within the XDC Network's ecosystem. Note: Mainnet Launch Post security Audit to Ensure Smart Contract Integrity.

Leveraging AI for Enhanced Proposal Quality

Understanding the pivotal role of AI in technology evolution, we have integrated AI tools into the DaoFin framework to enhance the quality of proposals. This innovative approach assists in creating more effective proposals, increasing their likelihood of approval and driving meaningful progress, Increasing On-chain activities within the XDC Network.

Post-Vote Analysis and Jury Member Insights

Following the XDC community vote and Masternode/Validator vote, DaoFin has begun capturing behavior from Jury Members (Industry expert or Subject matter Experts). This initiative aims to leverage past decision-making feedback and current technology trends to provide more accurate and beneficial insights. By doing so, we aim to foster the growth of the XDC Ecosystem and create a more impactful Network Effect and Increasing On-chain activities within the XDC Network.

Join the DAO-Based Technology Revolution

We invite you to be a part of the next wave of technology revolution by engaging with the DaoFin (AI) application in the following ways:

  • Create Proposals: Play an active role in the expansion of the XDC Network by submitting proposals that aim to boost network effectiveness and stimulate more on-chain activities. To get started, visit the Create Proposals page on the DaoFin platform. For a detailed guide on how to create a proposal, please refer to the Step by Step Guide on Create Proposal Details.Your contributions are essential in driving innovation and progress within the XDC ecosystem.

  • Community Voting/People’s House: As an XDC token holder, you have the unique opportunity to represent the community's voice and contribute to a more democratic decision-making process. We encourage all XDC community members to actively participate in voting on each proposal. Your feedback and viewpoints are invaluable in shaping the future of the XDC ecosystem. For more information and to cast your vote, please visit the People's House:

  • Masternode Voting: Set up a Masternode/Validator node to contribute computing power to the XDC Network and participate in governance. If you're interested in becoming a masternode holder/Network Validator, please visit our page on 'How to Set Up a Masternode on the XDC Network' for detailed instructions:"

  • Jury Member Voting: As an Industry Expert, your role is to offer insights and opinions on specific proposals, ensuring that they align with the strategic goals of creating a Network effect, fostering integration, and enhancing ecosystem involvement. Your expertise is crucial in guiding the decision-making process, contributing to the growth of on-chain activities within the XDC Network, and ensuring that proposed initiatives are poised to deliver tangible benefits and advancements to the ecosystem.

Join us in creating a global open-source standard for DAOs and shaping the future of decentralized governance on the XDC Network.


The DaoFin application represents a significant leap forward in our quest to decentralize ecosystem development on the XDC Network. By harnessing the power of AI and community engagement, we are setting the stage for a more democratic, transparent, and effective governance model. We look forward to your participation and contributions as we continue to build a vibrant and innovative ecosystem together.

Special Thank You Note: A heartfelt thank you to the XDC Foundation, XinFin team, XDC Germany, XDC Japan, XDC Australia,Blocksscan team, Arthuro and all jury members for your collective efforts in making the DaoFin standard a reality for the DAO community. Your dedication and collaboration have been instrumental in this achievement. Looking forward to more successes together. #WeAreXDC

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Crypto news • Edited on

1) The gas Estimation never works for me better to get it fix.

2) When tried to post the proposal it always fails

The website is very slow and takes a long time to load a single page. I have been waiting for the DaoFin for almost 8 months now so that I can post my proposal but still there has been lots of bugs

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Congrats! If we already submitted a proposal via the forum. Do we have to resubmit it via the new proposal page? @riteshkakkad