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Raj kumar
Raj kumar

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HackVerse 2.0 - Own Your Tune

"Own Your Tune" addresses critical issues in the music industry by providing solutions such as:

  1. Fair Compensation: Ensuring artists receive a fair share of revenue without middlemen taking substantial cuts.

  2. Transparency: Offering transparent royalty payments to prevent underpayment and ensure proper recognition for artists.

  3. Ownership Control: Empowering artists to make decisions about their music's use, licensing, and sale.

  4. Direct Interaction: Fostering meaningful connections between artists and their fans for a stronger, loyal following.

  5. Licensing Flexibility: Allowing artists to negotiate their own terms and agreements for more flexibility.

  6. Secondary Revenue: Creating opportunities for artists to benefit from the resale of music assets in a secondary market.

  7. Community Engagement: Assisting artists in building and engaging with a supportive fan community, involving them in decision-making and providing unique experiences and collectibles.

Github Link:
Project LInk:
Demo Video:
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XDC Wallet Address:0xBF3a9fee79F5CBECAfF5270D52c1Efeb27fe4eA9

Tech Stack

  • XDC network
  • IPFS/Filecoin
  • Solidity
  • Hardhat
  • Web3 JS
  • Ethers JS
  • Metamask
  • React JS

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Publishing a song
Publishing a song

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