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Raghuram Dharanipathy
Raghuram Dharanipathy

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[WIP]Private Subnet halted, stopped creating blocks.

We started private blockchain using XDPoSChain. The private chain halted creating blocks today(16th May 2023), there is no error in /var/log/syslog file and the chain's log file.

The private chain stopped at approx 467165 blocks. Could someone let me know the root cause for sudden halt in creating blocks.

Raised a PR in XDPoSChain git. Documents are attached in the PR.

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Hey @raghuram ,
we appreciate your patience! Our diligent developers are hard at work to address the issue. Stay tuned as we're actively working on resolving it.
Thank you for your understanding and support.

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Raghuram Dharanipathy Author

Hey @mitali_blocksscan ,

Private server stopped response after a week of restart. Sent log files to developer @gzliudan who is addressing this issue.