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Raghuram Dharanipathy
Raghuram Dharanipathy

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[WIP]XDC Private Blockchain Setup - Known Issues

The Plugin Development Team is actively considering the implementation of a Private Blockchain for certain use cases. Although we found the process of setting up the XDC Private Blockchain to be straightforward, we encountered some issues that we brought to the attention of the XDC Core Team for resolution.

The following issues were identified during the implementation of the Private Blockchain, and we reported them to the XDC Core Team for fixing:

  1. The error "panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference" (Issue: PR-271 - Pending)
  2. The XDC Private chain was halted, and no new blocks were being created (Issue: PR-264 - Pending)
  3. The errors "list M1 not found" and "nonce too low" (Issue: PR-238 - Fixed)

We also discovered that the Apothem explorer only accepts Solidity version 0.4.26 for verifying and publishing contracts (Issue: smart-contract-verifypublish-errored-out-in-apothem - Pending ), and a fix was provided for one version.

To bring attention to these issues, we published posts on, which you can find here:

  1. Private Subnet halted, stopped creating blocks
  2. XDC private blockchain Fail to create tx sign for signer error
  3. Smart contract Verify&Publish errored out in Apothem explorer

We also shared the logs with the core team to assist in debugging.

If you are a developer or blockchain enthusiast attempting to set up an XDC Private Blockchain, we hope that this article proves useful in keeping you updated. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, as we are happy to provide support.

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Dear @raghuram

Thank you for diligently addressing and tracking the known issues in the XDC private blockchain setup. We appreciate your efforts, and please rest assured that our dedicated team is actively working on resolving these issues. Stay tuned for updates and improvements!