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Priyan Kishore
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[HackVerse] Hackerverse 2.0 Team Code-X submission project DemocrateVault

Project Name: Democrat Vault

Tagline: Trustless technology meets asset distribution: Welcome to the future of self-governing reserves.

The problem it solves:

  1. After FTX crash - Invest using decentralized platforms was heard everywhere.
  2. Why make decentralized platform? When you can gain trust from users with the help of Self - Governed Vaults for managing user funds.
  3. Platforms losing their users without trust after, getting paid for time invested
  4. How can small protocols or platforms make use of this idea without work around.

Challenges we ran into:

  1. Self - Governing
  2. Verifying Multiple Assets on Multi chains
  3. Vault Standard Doesn’t exist yet
  4. Automation of Smart contract
  5. No NFT Market Place for apothem XDC api

Tech Stack:
Hardhat, Solidity, Ethers, Foundry, ThirdWeb, React, nginx, nextui, tailwind.

Github URL:

Video Demo:


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*Team Profile: *
Priyan Kishore: Github
Naresh C: Github
Surya Prasath: Github

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Thanks for building on XDC Network. May I know which challenges you faced were specific to XDC Network or were they all specific to XDC Network?